Three car Clacton class 309 EMU for sale

This EMU is offered for sale on an as seen and where lying basis. It is a condition of sale that it be removed from Isfield within two months of purchase. Assistance with loading will be provided and there is reasonable road access. Open to reasonable offers (the sale is NOT subject to VAT). Inspection by appointment.

This EMU was bought quite recently with the intention of using it with the 09 and/or the Ruston as hauled stock. Apart from cosmetically it is in very good condition but we have not had the time to do the work necessary to make it serviceable. Prior to preservation this unit received a comprehensive overhaul for main line test train use before the project it was intended for was cancelled. It was reduced to a three car for this role. At present the intention is to sell it as a unit but this may change.

In basically very good order though the paint is now poor. Some windows were vandalized during the lockdowns or earlier and others have blown double glazing. There is very little of the usual mk1 rot as it has been extensively repaired. Some doors were sealed up and have no handles, most of them have been made to work but not all.

It does not leak and is in fair condition inside but the departmental conversion means that some alterations were done. The power car is complete with all seats and tables, there are a load of spare used seat covers. The first class compartments are complete but other areas had the seats removed. All the departmental equipment has been removed and there are some, but not enough, seats included. The DTS has an extra partition. One of the intermediate doors has a broken window.

Underframe & bogies
The underframe is in good conditon, the wheels all have new tyres and the brake blocks are new. All couplings and hoses are present. The commonwealth bogies could be used on other Mk1s.

Traction equipment
All is present but of course we have no way of knowing if it works.

Mostly as in service, the removal of the experimental cab signalling equipment has left some damage.

Batteries are present but likely shot, extra wiring for its departmental role has mainly been removed. We have not tested any of it.

The brakes were modified to accomodate the cab signalling system. We have removed the extra valves etc but the connections into the original system need blanking off. Thus we do not know if the airbrakes work. The handbrakes are good.




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